Find Our Plans, Please!

If you’ve come here maybe it’s because you’re looking for any information at all about a site, or a building, or a tenant space, and asking rhetorically, “Why do all the plans always disappear after the building is built?”

Well, they’re not gone, you just gotta know where to look. And that’s where we come in. Tell us what you need and we will look around for you.

We help you find these missing things


  • Architectural Site Plan
  • ALTA Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Civil Drawings
  • Landscape Drawings
  • Meets and Bounds
  • Parcel Numbers


  • Shell Drawings
  • MEP plans
  • Structural Plans


  • Space Plans
  • Tenant Improvement Plans
  • Matterport Digital Twin

Surveys and Reports

  • As-built Report
  • Images
  • Video
  • Asbestos Survey
  • Accessibility Report
  • Property Report (from Costar)
We Search for You. Results in Just 3 Days

It's free to have us look

Let us use our methods cultivated over years of national work to get right to the sources.

We find it in 3 business days

We do the dirty work. There are lots of places to look. You don’t have time for this stuff.

Choose the items you need

We may find a little, and maybe more. We’ll let you know and then you get to pick what you want.

Easy pay options

Pay online and get a download link to all the goods. And come back again and again!

Why Do We Do This?

It has always bothered us that once a project is built no one cares about the drawings. Everyone has been paid and is on to the next thing. But having the existing records can potentially save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of labor that don’t need to be repeated, if only the right records were available. We don’t mind looking for you. And we know how happy it makes you when we find things.

What Can We Find For you?
What They Are Saying
“I recently purchased a small office building from the original owner. We needed to make building upgrades but there were no plans and the building was now 20 years old. FindOurPlans was able to find the original drawings as well as some tenant plans. They were extremely helpful.”
John W. in Phoenix, Arizona
“We needed Civil drawings and an ALTA survey. FindOurPlans was able to track down both and save us hundreds of dollars and a lot of time not having to schedule a new ALTA survey".

Victor P. in Naperville, Illinois
“We were renovating a couple of older warehouse buildings for new tenants when we became aware we needed asbestos surveys done on both. FindOurPlans knew where to check and found that both suites had recently had them done. We saved over $1,000 by filling out the form..”
Brianna L. in Houston, Texas